30+ Super Fun Easy Breakfast Ideas Worth Waking Up For ⋆ Listotic



  1. Posted by Brookefariswheel, — Reply

    I know these are annoying....but I have been working really hard on my page and would love it if you would take a look! follow for follow

  2. Posted by name_reveal_at_200, — Reply

    so im not rlly uhm good at cooking but is it toasted? like in the toaster? side ways?!? and i just... sprinkle some cheese on it? lmao plz tell meh me and mah friends are doing a cooking challengeee which is weird now that i think about it :P

  3. Posted by mwisenauer, — Reply

    I make my egg scrambled first. Then make toast add egg in middle add shredded cheese on top toast till cheese melts takes seconds enjoy

  4. Posted by delishidea, — Reply

    I think it was perfect, I cooked them a little longer because I didn’t want soggy bread. Great for outdoor brunch!

  5. Posted by cnkennedy031707, — Reply

    The egg was too gooey on top and I don’t like how the texture of the egg is different but it tasted good

  6. Posted by jtur0901, — Reply

    This is from my sister you have to bake it more and leave it on there and just and just for a little more

  7. Posted by beverleedsa, — Reply

    Omg! This looks so good. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Posted by jasminejones789, — Reply

    Does anyone know how long and what temperature to cook this on

  9. Posted by JessicaMR330, — Reply

    I added Everything Bagel seasonings!

  10. Posted by ericammartin32, — Reply

    I made it this morning. Was very yummy. I cooked it til egg wasn’t runny.

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